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MVL Group Complete Transport Solutions

MVL Group's strategy is focusing on optimizing city logistics also known as urban logistics. This means that all the environmental factors that impact the urban movements are taken in consideration; such as social, economic, energetic, environmental factors etc.

Outsourcing distribution is a key element in the supply chain. MVL Group understands the needs of its customers thus is offers an excellent service to its business partners. MVL Group's delivery service is consistent with eco and efficent routes.

At different levels of involvement in our clients' supply chain, we ensure the consolidation of their brand and carry out their legacy. We employ a highly experienced team of logistics consultants, with extensive knowledge of the fast paced industry, to provide white-glove delivery service to a range of market sectors with experienced movers as well as offering a fast, friendly, reliable and punctual service.

We appreciate that when outsourcing, the distribution partner is vital to the success of a business and here at MVLGroup we have perfected our strategies in order to reduce costs for our clients and deliver excellent customer service which results in increasing sales for our clients. MVL Group understands our partners' deadlines and needs, thus our service keeps their business growing and not their costs.

Our mission provides us with a framework for our actions and decisions:

  • To deliver great customer experience
  • To deliver happiness and inspire each one of our customers
  • To deliver success to our business partners, customers and investors by simplifying processes
  • To deliver respect, and a better service that benefits the environment and the world.

Vision sets our framework of what we would like to continuously achieve and be proud of:

  • To build up a great work environment where everyone feels inspired and feels free to contribute to the business.
  • To offer a great range of flexible services and products that resonates with our customers' needs and wants.
  • To create great partnerships with our customers and suppliers based on team work and professionalism.
  • To be a responsible company that brings a sustainable difference for the planet.
  • To work at a fast, productive pace, remaining flexible and highly effective.

If you would like to speak to one of our advisors today you can enquire here or give us a call on 0208 574 3640.

Our group partners are Man Van London , Warehousing and Packaging, Eco Removals and JM Solutions UK Ltd.

The best Delivery Service within London, across UK and Europe

Look no further for the best delivery service within London. Let our expertise and top notch white glove delivery service to work in your favour whilst you see your business grow.

Bed delivery or furniture delivery can be tricky, and leaving your customer's new furniture in the hands of non-professionals can cause more damage, not only to the product but also to your company reputation.

We treat each item with care, and we will always deliver to the room of choice of the customer, leaving behind your top quality products and excellent customer service.