Why Us

With over 10 years of experience, MVL Group has developed into one of the UK's leading specialist logistics with clients in many market sectors such as retail, construction, media and the public sector.

What we offer?

-A great partnership to complete your supply chain.
-Complete transport solutions.
-Trained staff and skilled workers.
-Customer service
  • -Competitive prices
  • -Large fleet
  • -Flexibility: quick scale-ups and scale-downs
  • -On-demand service

How will outsourcing benefit you? You will be able to reduce costs. One of our case studies showed that in a 4 years period our clients managed to save an estimate of £1,000,000.00, an average of 12.5% cost reduction per year.
Increase your competitive edge over your competitors through excellent customer service all the way through product delivery.
You will be able to focus on core activities, managing risks and forecasting avoiding big fluctuations. Also you will be able to have a steady cash flow.
Increase your revenue, build good customer relations and benefit from our organization skills which will allow a smooth supply chain management.

You can speak to one of our advisors today by calling 0208 574 3640, or enquire here.

mvl group distribution outsourcing infographic

MVL Group also provides a man and a van delivery service through Man Van London. You can enquire here.